XTreme 09.10 in Gatlinburg, TN

XTreme 2009/2010 in Gatlinburg, TN proved to be another amazing time for everyone who attended.  Conference attendance for the session we were part of topped 6,400.  If you have never seen 6,400 students, from 25 different states, joined together in praise and worship, you haven’t lived yet.  Messages from Tony Nolan, Ergun Caner, Matt Pitt and Johnny Hunt were both relevant and illuminating.  Performances by such artists as Brandon Heath, Stellar Kart, Kutless, Casting Crowns, Newsong, and the always fantastic Unhindered (our worship leaders), were energetic, uplifting, and truly blessed by God.

We were blessed with the largest group we’ve taken (that number grows every year).  Everyone who attended left with a new passion for Jesus Christ, His Kingdom and the ministry.  The chaperones received a “double portion.”  We were blessed by the sessions and seeing the way God touched the students.  Can’t wait until next year!

We’ll be adding some pics and video to give you a sample (a very small sample) of all of the Xcitement at XTreme.  You would have to go to really understand the power and the energy.  Enjoy and make plans to attend next year.


20/20 Vision

     We truly had a blessed month of October; it was great to see all those who were able to attend the Assembly meeting here in Indianapolis. We witnessed the outpouring of the Holy Ghost in each service. At the closing service Friday night, no one wanted to see it end. I’m looking forward to our next one.
     We are also looking forward to a great month of November here at church. I know that if we follow God’s Spirit, obey his Holy Word, and all work together as one body; this will be a blessed month also. I believe the goal for this month should be twenty new people. This very obtainable, it will require a lot of effort on our part. We will have to invite at least a hundred people each week to attained service. It will take everyone doing his or her share. We will need to do a lot of follow up calls to remind folks when our services start. Also remind one another about our goal, and do it often. Challenge each other to be accountable for their part, by asking if they have been inviting folks. I know everyone we ask will say they will come, but what if the one you don’t ask, is the very one that would have said yes? I hope that no one who takes the time to read this, thinks that this goal is too high, but rather not high enough. I feel it is time and high time for us to quit talking about how great it would be to see the church full and start working to get it done. So don’t feel left out by not doing, but feel great about the part you had in the success in the growth of Church. With God’s help and guidance I know we can achieve this goal, for with God all things are possible.

Your Brother In Christ Jesus,
Pastor Bud Sparks